Logging Services

Logging Services in NE Wisconsin and Upper Michigan

At Franks Logging, we realize that wood land owners use their land for many activities, including recreation, hunting, wildlife management, and timber revenue. We have helped thousands of wood land owners practice sustainable forestry.

Our logging crews are trained in SFI, which is a comprehensive program of forestry and conservation practices designed to ensure that future generations will have the same abundant forests we enjoy today.

If you choose to sell your timber to Franks Logging, our trained foresters will:

Logging Truck at Frank's Logging in Peshtigo, Wisconsin
Logging Truck at Frank's Logging in Peshtigo, Wisconsin
  • Design a harvest plan to meet your goals
  • Manage all aspects of the sale, including layout, road building, harvesting and marketing
  • Consider wildlife, aesthetics, and reforestation on all sites
  • Prepare a timber sale contract with negotiated prices and terms
  • Conduct the harvest with SFI trained and fully insured professionals
  • Conduct harvests to fulfill MFL requirements
  • Use modern, environmentally sensitive harvesting equipment and techniques

Frank's Logging in Peshtigo, Wisconsin Clearing Trees and Land